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Elizabeth Kay







2:00pm ~ 3:00pm


7:30pm ~ 8:30pm

- class full -

"Bringing Dance to the community since 1982"

Kay Hall A.I.D.T.A. started the Elizabeth Kay School of Dance 40 years ago offering a wide range of classes to all ages, and now specializes in in exercise & dance for adults.

Advanced Tap is a fun class for those with extensive previous experience. It explores rhythm through routines to music of varying styles. 
If you can do a Time Step and Break, a Suzy Q or a cramp roll, this could be the class for you !
Please note this is not a beginner's class.

The Dance Exercise class is designed to stretch and strengthen muscles, improve joint mobility and increase general fitness..

No experience necessary.

To book a class


Contact: Kay Hall on 01603 789269

or Email:

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